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Why choose QBPrecision ?
We have the same We have become an appointed manufacturer of OEM business for many worldwide famous brand owners. 
Our Material Supplier are the BEST in the World: Axson, Hi-Cast, Du Pont, Polyplastics
By using all kinds of new materials and advanced techniques, such as full 3D virtual model design, hard anodized aluminum process, and titanium using. QBPrecision is the first choice of solution for your manufacture and sourcing in China.

About QBPrecision Technology Co., Ltd

Never give up,  

Never lose hope.  
Always have faith,  
It allows you to cope.  
Trying times will pass,  
As they always do.  
Just have patience,  
Your dreams will come true.  
So put on a smile,  
You'll live through your pain.  
Know it will pass,  
And strength you will gain  
Corporate Values

Quick Production:                 

 5-30 days for CNC Machining and P20 rapid  Injection tooling;


 Same Quality but Lower 50% cost than western manufacturers;

Quality Assurance: 

Each Project will provide  Material Test Report and Dimensional Inspection Report;